Project: square Bezel pendant

Jewelry: Bezel texture

By 6eenify

Difficulty Level: easy

What you need:

  • White Sculpey III.

  • Square Bezel.

  • Rubber stamp or textured surface.

  • Pigment Powder: Pearl.

  • Dry paint brush


  1. knead white sculpey III and stuff it into the square bezel leaving 1 or 2mm of clay atop the bezel to make it emboss.

  2. press the bezel with the clay on a rubber stamp or textured surface.

  3. You might have clay sticking outside the bezels edges, so use your fingers to take them off.

  4. Using a dry paint brush take a little pearl pigment powder and brush it on the design. Using a tissue, lightly rub off any excess powder so that the color will stay on the groves of the design.

  5. Bake the piece for on 120˚ Celsius for 10-15 minutes.

  6. You can finish off the design by putting sculpey gloss or cover the whole piece with clear liquid resin.