Project: simple cane and use

useful: simple cane and use

By 6eenify

Difficulty Level: intermediate

Things you need:

  • Sculpey Souffle robins egg

  • Sculpey souffle so 80s

  • Pen

  • candle glass holder

  • Sculpey slicer


  1. Create a long piece of clay by rolling it with your hand from pink.
  2. roll out a piece of blue clay with acrylic roller or with clay conditioning machine on setting 2.
  3. place the pink inside the blue and gently cover it and cut the extra edges
    1. image6
  4. then do the same but opposite colors
    1. image7
  5. Cut the pieces to the same length and place them like in the picture
    1. image8
  6. mix a little blue with pink to create purple, roll it in your hand to create 4 smaller rolls and place them next to the design.
    1. image9
    2. image10
  7. Now using your fingers squeeze the rolls gently together making sure the middle is intact first then moving to the edges. once all the pieces are attached together, start rolling the piece on the table to create one unified piece. cut the roll in half to view the design from the outside.
    1. image11
  8. Take one of the rolls and start pinching it on four sides to create a diamond shape pieces.
    1. image12
    2. image13
  9. Now using conditioning clay machine setting 3, roll out a piece of souffles robins egg blue, this will be used as the background color. place it on the candle holder to measure the length you need. Cut the extra edges, then place it on the table.
    1. image14
    2. image15
  10. using sculpey slicer, start slicing thin pieces of the diamond long piece.
    1. image16
  11. Start placing the pieces on the blue background, you can place them randomly or in a more geometric way. Then roll the whole thing with clay conditioning machine or acrylic roller.
    1. image18
  12. Place the piece on the candle holder and squeeze it with your hand. Because the holder is made of glass, it will stick nicely without adding bond.
    1. image19
  13. To cover the pen, remove the inside pen and ink holder. Here I used BIC brand, but any other brand is fine as long as you can remove the pen and ink from the inside. This pen was good because I can remove the pen from the lower side, and the upper side remains closed. To Cover, simply place the pen inside the pattern and roll it over. then using your finger smear the edge to create a seamless cover.
    1. image22
  14. For this design, using the purple mix, I created four tiny flowers and placed them at the top, and placed an eye screw in the middle. I then created a bigger flower and pinned it with a head pin. Bake the pen and the head pin flower.
  15. After it’s done and cooled, using a plier create a loop hole from the end of the headpin. Then place a jump ring and tie the flower to the pen.
    1. image23
  16. Finale looks:
    1. image20